Just Gonna Send it

Living life to the fullest, no regrets and always "sending it" If it's dropping a cliff or smashing gates, we don't hold back, we push 100%.    This is Campbell Appel and we are looking for partners to join us in the journey to Olympic and World Cup Glory.  

Campbell has always been a bit hyperactive and an adrenaline junky from an early age and unfortunately his school teachers just didn't know how to handle this. He was told during primary school he was 2 years behind in math's and that pretty much shaped his academic approach. Always behind, no point working for it and he did not enjoy school at all. He started ski racing at 13 years old which meant only 2 days per week in school during winter term and traveling to the northern hemisphere for training and even less school time. Campbell of course loved this because he didn't have to attend as much school. 2022 has been a break-out year at school, Campbell has simply applied the hard work he does at ski training to his school work and is no longer 2 years behind in math but getting merit and excellence marks in his subjects. Ski racing has allowed Campbell to achieve academically and now he is planning on doing a business degree at university

What's it take to become an Olympian

Winter 2024 I have qualifed a quota spot for New Zealand on the Youth Olympic Team.  The Youth Olympics are the last week of January in South Korea

 December I will be based in Calgary Canada getting volume on the local Ski Cross track to get ready for the Olympic races. 

This is a big year for me as I will be rubbing elbows with the best in Europe and the world.

Myself and my family are 100% committed to this journey but we need your help.  Learn More


The speed events like Downhill and SuperG are my favorite.  Anything where I can get some air under my ski's, I'm in my happy place

4 year goals

2024 Ski Cross athlete representing New Zealand at the Youth Olympic Games and get enough FIS points to qualify for Ski Cross World Cup

2025 Full season Ski Cross World Cup

2026 Winter Olympics Milano Cortina 

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Our Partners

Without our sponsors support we would not be able to be where we are at.  Thank you to each and every sponsor.

To enquire about title sponsorship please email to ctappel199@gmail.com